Wednesday, December 1, 2010

end of november!

I recently heard an outcry about my lack of updates! Coincidentally, I was thinking today about a new post, it was brewin' in my head all day.

I still have no job. I still find it difficult to locate volunteer opportunities. Seth's changing oil and working in an auto repair shop caddy corner from our (hah, a liberal use of the word) apartment. The old roommate moved out, a new one moved in and she's just sweet as honey and doesn't mind our sleeping on her couch. Which is great news because it's starting to get cold at night and I haven't yet figured out the warmest spot to sleep outside.

Thanksgiving was tasty! During the day, Seth and I drove out north of here where there are dirt roads and stretching plains of nothingness so that he could practice driving a manual transmission. We actually ran over a prairie dog, but it somehow didn't get squashed, and Seth didn't stall! We came back, ate a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken and pumpkin pie from Whole Foods, and I made my mother's famous corn pudding and my favorite butternut squash recipe (cinnamon, maple syrup, cayenne, paprika, mmmm) along with a couple other sides and crescent rolls (of course). We shared a double bottle of wine and watched Let the Right One In, a Swedish vampire film (really good).

If I'm not vacuuming/sweeping/washing dishes here at the apartment, I'm doing it elsewhere. I've been going over to the LGBT house to volunteer at least once a week and until today all I was doing was cleaning.

was different. I got to enter info onto a spreadsheet, which was surprisingly fun (it was college students reacting to a lecture by a transgendered woman and a gay man--cool stuff). I also got to climb up into the attic to find Christmas decorations. The ladder that dropped from the ceiling couldn't quite reach the floor because there was a desk in the way. So I was sent to do this task by adults that don't really know me, and they went off to do their thing. My first attempt to scale the ladder was met with the crack of glass. I panic. I look down and see that on the desk (the one in the way of the ladder) there was a framed newspaper article, in glass. The glass was cracked, and cracking more by the second! I lift the ladder a little and see that the damage is done. I've broken an 11x14 sheet of glass in a nonprofit's office. The 5 year old (okay, 14 year old) inside of me screams,


I look around the room, there's nowhere to put it.


I take a deep breath. I am an adult. I shouldn't be ashamed, it was an accident. I don't need to scramble around, this is totally legitimate. After all, the lady in charge told me to give the ladder a try. She approaches. I explain the situation, like a calm, apologetic adult-volunteer, and she lets me know it's okay and asks if I got hurt.

Lesson: don't always listen to the child inside of you, even though they sometimes have a really cool view of the world.

And that's about it for now, have a glorious day and thanks for reading again!