Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'm coming upon the end of my trip. This trip, at least, which I consider to be over when Buster (that's my car, for those of you wondering) and I return together to Cape May. And we'll be doing that this Monday.

The hills I where walk (and sometimes ride a horse!), literally across the road from my cabin

Basil loves licking the popcorn bowl
I've been back here in Chimayo, NM, for a couple months which have passed far too quickly. In that time I have acquired a farmer's tan and a companion rabbit I've named Basil. Josh and I had to rescue Basil from the rest of the rabbits when a bigger male rabbit bit a nice big hole in his back, so I brought him back to my cabin and he's been licking my toes ever since. He's the sweetest thing ever, but we'll see how he fares with a 4 day car driving spree.

I don't really know what to write. I get this terrible anxious feeling when change is imminent, when I'll be leaving meaningful people that I'm afraid I'll never see again. This particular change is bittersweet because I am looking forward to moving back home and farming for a while in Cape May. I'm excited to be closer to family, because they're really all that matters, but I've also made another patchwork family in the past year and a half and I'll be leaving some of them in two days.

Since I never plan my life more than 3-4 months in advance, I'm not sure what will come in the fall. I do know that this adventure has been amazing and wonderful, complete with kind strangers, beautiful mountains, strange animals, amazing camping trips, crazy farmer's market customers, cozy coffee shops, friends that have become family, rodeos, and aggressive New Mexican Brown Dogs chasing after me at every turn. I hope it's not the only adventure I have, but it wouldn't be so bad if it were. So thanks to everyone that has been here with (and for) me, whether physically, via skype, via blog, or via po box. Onto your own travels!