Thursday, September 16, 2010

here I go

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am assuming that if you're here you know a little about my travel plans, but just in case, I'll give a brief outline. I will be driving across the country in my VW Golf named Buster (yes, I stole this blog title from Steinbeck, but I thought it somewhat appropriate, please forgive me) and working on organic farms along the way. I am locating the farms through the website which is a really really wonderful site that hooks up family-owned organic farms with willing workers worldwide! I hope to make it to the west coast and then make my way back east again over the course of the coming year.

I am still in New Jersey at the moment, but my ETD is October 4th, 2010. I will be stopping for a day or two in MD to snuggle with the beautiful Rachel and Nicole, and then will be headed on my way.
First stop: 10/6-10/20. Marlinton, WV at a splendid-looking farm that incorporates 220 acres, animals, alternative construction, ART ART ART!, jewelry making, painting, yeees ma'am.
After that I might stop at another WV farm and then head out in the direction of Colorado, where I'll be meeting with my friend Seth for a little while (it's hard to bicycle in the snowy, mountainous wintertime)

I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible (although internet is sure to be spotty wherever I go). You can always email me, facebook me, or call me!
Thank you for your support, and I hope I can keep you posted on tidbits of wisdom, flat tire info (juust kidding), stray cats picked up along the way, and general outlines of where in the world I am!


  1. Wes! Im so excited for you and cant wait to hear about all your travel adventures! no flat tires please! I'll see you before you leave! XOXO

  2. Have funn!!! and I look forward to youre posts. :-D