Wednesday, November 24, 2010


okay. I think I've got it sorted out:

Wesley Laudeman
c/o Marina Fleming
2437 Spruce St. APT 4
Boulder, CO 80302

I was sitting around the house yesterday and I peeked out of the window at one point and felt like Boo Radley because I made eye contact with the mailman but quickly hid back behind the wall. don't know why, but I always do that. anyway, he came knocking on the door with my netflix and told me to put our names on the mailbox, but since I'm uncomfortable doing that (uh, not paying rent? there are 4 apartments in this building and I don't want to start trouble), I'll just make people put "care of".

it's supposed to snow today and get down to 0 tonight! bought a few things to make thanksgiving food, but we don't really have definite plans yet..

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from the frontier!

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