Wednesday, November 17, 2010

greetings from boulder!

somehow the days just slip by, and my intentions of updating my blog go flying out the window (or down the drain?). anyway, I'm sitting here in Boulder Colorado, trying to write something real quick before getting a nice cold beer (it's been almost two days). the picture above is my "Mezuzah"(thanks Emily and Rachel), which is this Jewish thing you put in your doorway and kiss on your way in and out. so I kiss this mamacat/babycat (or try to remember) when I get in and out of my car. this is when we're getting into Colorado and the sun is setting and it's starting to snow. it's holding a rooster feather I stole from Boone (noo I didn't kill the rooster...)

I guess I should tell of my journey to get here, but I don't have too much time right now, and I want to get to the current stuff. I stopped in Louisville, KY and stayed with Susan, a rollerderby player who took me to this aweeesome hotel/restaurant/art gallery all in one. I have so much to say about that, but perhaps that's for another time. The next night I stayed with Rachel and Jared in Kansas City, MO, who were wonderful and sweet and had a dog who shyly hated me, but I got to eat Indian and drink some local beers on my own (in West Port? a sort of city outside of Kansas City), which was tasty and fun. slept on a very comfy couch and was awoken at 6am by a radiator spewing water straight into the ceiling, before enjoying cereal and local milk.

Seth and I are staying with Marina, a lovely lady who graduated with me (though I never met her) from CofC this past May. She's living out here doing AmeriCorp and is nice enough to let us sleep on her couch/futon. We spend most of our days wandering around, asking businesses about job openings, perusing Craigslist (for both jobs and housing), attempting to socialize at coffee shops, and making meals. Seth is currently on the floor, maps spread out, trying to trace his route thus far (for those of you who've missed his story, he's bicycling across the country, working on organic farms, meeting tons of people, staying with strangers/camping in their yards/accepting warm showers and food from the multitudes of lovely people in the world. his blog will be updated, as soon as I finish updating mine and start bugging him to update it).

Last night, while at a coffee shop, we decided to make a list of priorities. Like, for instance, finding Seth some pants (he has one pair), finding jobs, finding an apartment, sending postcards, getting a library card, updating our blogs. Most importantly, though, we've decided to try to converse with at least one stranger a day (both of us). So today we split up in the afternoon, and Seth handed in some job applications and tried to befriend a Patagonia employee, and I went to volunteer at the local LGBT group. I met some really cool and nice people, and was immediately put to work. I figure since I've got some money, I won't really rush into a job at Marshalls or Office Depot or anything, though they're hiring (heeeyo). maybe I'll check that seafood restaurant to see if they have oysters that need shucking (eeeh don't know about "fresh" oysters in the middle of the country).

Since it's dark by 5, I'm usually ready for bed pretty early, but we're enjoying playing bananagrams and all varieties of card games late into the night.
and if you want to write to me, the address here is:
2437 Spruce St. APT 4
Boulder, CO 80302

oh! and for those of you interested in my artistic processes, I've started a new digital photo project in which I will be photographing public restrooms across the country. I started in Kentucky and did public rest areas along the road. I really found them kind of beautiful and interesting, and the light's always good inside, and there is always something weird to be captured. I think it'll be a sort of lifelong project, or at least until I get tired of sneaking around ladies rooms all sketchy-like with a camera. I'll admit, it's sort of fun to almost get caught, or to figure out how to make an exposure without anyone hearing. so here's a preview...
"Arriba, CO, 3:12PM"

until next time! and thanks for bearing with me for my strange habits!

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